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The themes of Sukkot Sounds are inclusion, nature, balance, and music, and we’ve intentionally molded this cozy fall playlist with those in mind. Saint Motel’s Big Ol World invites listeners to think of our Big Ol World as “a small town for human kind,” while Mika’s Love Today encourages us to love each day in our own individual way. Nature can be found in As We Ran by The National Parks as they sing of climbing mountains; Michigan and Again by The Accidentals rightfully romanticizes the state of Michigan’s natural beauty with “soft shoulders of sand dunes” and referring to Lake Michigan as a “crescent moon grin” that cradles the land. The Happy Fits take the nature theme even closer to home with The Garden, describing a house with a magnificent garden, a home to grow through. Find balance between beginnings and endings with Adam Melchor’s Begin Again as he sings that even if “all good things must end, tell me they begin again.” Tightrope by Walk the Moon also reminds listeners of the precarious balance of life as we all walk on metaphorical tightropes. The songs in this playlist, including the ones already mentioned, are all tied together with the central theme of music, just as music can so often be a connective piece among people. We hope you enjoy this playlist as a soundtrack to your Sukkot Sounds gathering, and throughout the fall season!

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