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Shalosh Regalim Partnership Initiative

powered by The Well

Reimagining the pilgrimage festivals to promote empowerment, engagement, and partnership

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SUKKOT SOUNDS: Day after Yom Kippur through end of Sukkot

Sukkot Sounds reframes our ancient harvest festival into a music festival and provides materials for hosting themed dinner parties, for those who do not have the physical space for a Sukkah, but still wish to participate in the festival holiday.


FRIENDSEDER - Day after Purim through end of Passover

Inspired by Friendsgiving, Friendseder is the sidekick to Passover that helps you gather with friends prior to (or during) the week of Passover to help make the holiday your own, with physical and digital resources to help support individual and community gatherings.


SHAVUART - Day after Lag B’Omer through end of Shavuot

ShavuArt celebrates visual art and the art of prose with tools and resources to empower hosts to transform their living rooms into peer-led learning spaces, in celebration of the holiday of Shavuot.

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Each initiative includes:

  • Forward-facing programming with a variety of partners (ie. Zingerman's Delicatessen)

  • Resources, teaching tools, and hosting guides, and dedicated social media channels

  • Products available for purchase to enhance personal celebrations or gatherings

  • Empowerment and support for community members to host their own gatherings

Home - Hosted Gatherings:

  • Individuals are encouraged to host their own gathering during the holiday period, inspired by the values and themes of the holiday

  • For those who submit relevant data about their gathering (date, location, attendance list, a photo, etc.), they're eligible to receive $15 per person up to $150. *Think OneTable, but for each of the three festivals rather than Shabbat!

  • Hosts are encouraged to be creative and gather their friends for a customized experience that feels meaningful and relevant to them, thus there are very few guidelines for what each gathering has to look like!

​The Partnership:

  • Shalosh Regalim partners spread the word about the initiative to their members. Images and copy are provided and you keep the relationship with your members.

  • When a host submits their gathering for reimbursement, they indicate if a partner referred them. The Well processes the reimbursement directly to the host. Costs are split the following ways:

    • Host is a young adult in Michigan: Partner is invoiced for 50% of the support

    • Host is NOT a young adult in Michigan: Partner is invoiced for 100% of the support

    • Host is a young adult OUTSIDE Michigan: Partner is invoiced for 66.6% (two thirds) of the support

    • Host is NOT a young adult OUTSIDE Michigan: Partner is invoiced for 100% of the support

  • Partners receive a template to reach hundreds of people up to three times a year, with an incentive to further engage young adults, that can work alongside any programming your organization is already offering - a win for everyone!

Interested in learning more and becoming an organizational partner? Let us know here!

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