“I hope someday you will join us.
And the world will be as one.”

- John Lennon

Sukkot Sounds invites you to take the lead to spread joy and love during this ancient festival.

The Sukkot Sounds Story

There was a time when Sukkot was the most important holiday. Don’t believe us? Sukkot is even referred to as “the holiday” in biblical texts without context - as if we already knew what they were talking about! Throughout the holiday, torches were lit, music was played, people danced, and everyone was invited. The texts of the Jewish wisdom tradition even boast that a person who has not participated in the festive rituals of Sukkot has never lived! (Mishnah Sukkot 5:1).  


Today, attention and energy for Sukkot tends to get lost in the shadows of the High Holy Days. We believe that there is no better way to spend the week after Yom Kippur than gathering with friends and listening to music (just like our partying ancestors)! Sukkot Sounds was created to re-energize, innovate, and modernize what it looks like to participate in this ancient and joyous festival through the values of inclusion, nature, balance, and music.


We hope you will join us, and chag sameach! 

The Well Team 


PS: This year The Well is piloting Sukkot Sounds in Detroit unless you would like to host a virtual event!

If you are interested in Sukkot Sounds coming to your city next year, please reach out to us at!






At its core, Sukkot is a festival for gathering and all are welcome. Sukkot invites in ushpizin, or the spirits of our ancestors, to our gathering spaces, in addition to family, friends, and friends we haven’t met yet. Sukkot Sounds aims to embrace diversity across all backgrounds, welcoming those who are Jewish, Jew-ish, Jewish-adjacent, or simply not Jewish at all but are interested in celebrating the Jewish tradition through the festival of Sukkot!




The primary call of Sukkot is to be in nature and celebrate the seasonal harvest. Sukkot Sounds aims to raise awareness of our relationship with the environment. We commit to being outside whenever possible and let the tools and rituals of Sukkot - like the lulav, etrog, and sk’ach (organic building materials) - guide our attention to be mindful and present with this season and our climate.




A Sukkah, like balance, is temporary and fragile. The festival of Sukkot is designed to help us find our personal and spiritual balance through the invitation to dwell in a fragile hut and build new and deeper relationships. Sukkot Sounds aims to provide hosts, artists, and teachers the tools to create experiences for their guests to be in community safely and build foundational relationships for the new year.




Music calls us to come together and unite around a common sound. The festival of Sukkot celebrates the seasonal harvest, abundance, community, and joy! Sukkot Sounds will help hosts and artists design spaces of belonging and learning to lower the barrier to entry for participating in the Sukkot festival through musical experiences.


What is Sukkot?

Simple answer: Sukkot is the week-long Jewish festival that celebrates the harvest, on the heels of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. For more, check out The Sukkot Sounds Story above!

What are your COVID protocols for guests, musicians, and hosts?

Sukkot Sounds will follow current CDC guidelines and recommendations for gatherings as they evolve with the ongoing development of the COVID-19 Delta Variant. Our tools for musicians and hosts will include a guide for mutual conversation to address expectations for hosting environments that can be clearly articulated for guests. Individual hosts will be required to communicate their specific COVID-19 protocols to their guests.

Can my Sukkot Sounds event be virtual?

Absolutely! If you would like to host a virtual event with friends, please register and take a look at our Sukkot Resources tab to help infuse your gathering with a little Sukkot-inspired content!

How can I participate in Sukkot Sounds?

There are so many ways to participate in Sukkot Sounds! 

Are you a musical artist or teacher? 

Are you interested in hosting? 

Are you interested in attending an event? 

Are you a value aligned organization or company and would like to participate in Sukkot Sounds?

Reach out to us at!


What if I don’t have a sukkah?

Sukkot Sounds believes that you do not need a sukkah to celebrate the festival of Sukkot! A backyard, patio, or balcony is the next best thing! Even an indoor gathering with activities from our Resources page or our Sukkot Sounds playlist is a great way to connect to the spirit of Sukkot!

What do I need to host?

1. The desire to gather your friends and/or family at the intersection of joy and music.


2. Physical or digital space to bring friends together to participate in Sukkot Sounds.

3.  A musical experience. Check out our registered musicians here, or click here for our hosting page for more information and details about what this can look like for you!

Can I be the host and the musical artist or teacher?


What if I’ve never celebrated Sukkot?

Then this is your chance to experiment, try something new, and discover this fun Jewish festival! If you have questions - feel free to reach out to us at

What kind of support do I receive as a Sukkot Sounds host?

By registering your event through you will have access to our professional staff, reimbursement opportunities, our network of Sukkot Sounds artists, as well as physical and digital resources to help bring your experience to life! 

I want to sign up to host, but I haven't decided what kind of gathering it will be.

We recommend that you take some time to envision your Sukkot Sounds gathering before signing up. There are some ideas available on the Hosts page, or you can reach out to us at for help brainstorming! 

Will I need to pay the artists?

When you browse the profiles of our Sukkot Sounds Artists, you’ll see that some musicians are able to volunteer their time, and others are able to be booked for a fee. It’s your choice to decide what kind of artist you’d like to bring in for your gathering! If you host an in-person gathering with a paid musician and have ten guests or more, you can submit photos of your event and an attendance list and get reimbursed up to $100 to support the cost of your musician. Interested in this option? Email to get started.

Do I need to be a professional musician?

Nope. You need to be willing and able to facilitate a musical experience. This can be in the capacity of a professional or amateur musician, DJ, music teacher, or musical experience facilitator (Israeli folk dancing, instrument lesson, or drum circle, just to name a few!).

Can I be the host and the musical artist or teacher?


What if I don’t play an instrument?

All good - you can be a host instead of a registered artist! The “sounds” of Sukkot are not always the melody of music. Sukkot Sounds can include the sounds of nature behind a guided meditation or yoga class, the sounds of a podcast or teaching grounded in the values of Sukkot Sounds (inclusion, nature, balance, and music). If you would like to bring your auditory artisanship and wisdom to Sukkot Sounds we have a place for you as a host! 

Is this a paid gig?

It can be! When you submit your artist profile you can indicate an amount that you would need to be booked for a Sukkot Sounds experience or volunteer your time.

How long is a show/experience?

You are free to make this determination. We imagine that typical Sukkot Sounds gatherings will be about an hour long and encourage your setlist/program/performance to be 20-40 minutes long.

Will there be A/V support for my show?

Unless arrangements are made with the host or hosting organization, musical artists are expected to provide their own A/V equipment for their performances.



Artists & Teachers